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About Us

About the Company

Established in 2001, The Edge Equine™ is now Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality equine dental equipment available in the world today.

Manufacturing our own innovative range of equine dental rasps, low profile dental floats, and an ever-increasing range of essential equipment, The Edge Equine™ now enjoys a worldwide reputation with distributors in the UK / Europe, USA, South Africa and New Zealand and end users from countries such as Japan, Asia, United Arab Emirates and many more.

As Australasian Agent for both VDP (USA) and HDE (France), supplying Australia and NZ with the most up-to-date range and selection of motorised equine equipment, The Edge Equine™ truly caters for all needs of the Australian equine dental professional.

In 2011, The Edge Equine™ expanded our commitment to the animal dental industry with a new division, The Edge VDP (Veterinary Dental Products) specialising in Inovadent (USA) small animal dental equipment and accessories.


The Edge Equine™ Range 

The Edge Equine™ (TEE) has developed an innovative range of tools and equipment suited to the current day equine dental practitioner and equine vet.

Tools and equipment include:


  •         extensive range of disposable Rasps (Blades)
  •         complete selection of low profile Floats
  •         interchangeable Wolf Tooth Sets
  •         superior equine Speculums
  •         Head Stands
  •         range of specialised accessories (Speculum Plates, TEE Speculum Service Kits, float Bucket Buddies and much, much more)

 At The Edge Equine™, we are constantly seeking input from our end users to enable us to continue to develop more user-friendly products for this physically demanding job. Some results to date have included:


  •         TEE Blade Converter - enables the user to interchange rasps (blades) between The Edge Equine™ ‘E’ and ‘S’ Series blades for extended use and flexibility.
  •         TEE Dental Water Kit - water flushing capabilities that can be attached to a mains garden hose or transportable 5 litre water container.



The Edge Equine™ Disposable Blades 

The Edge Equine™ features a unique line of disposable float blades. 

Other blade manufacturers make only one style of blade and make it more or less aggressive by cutting the teeth smaller or larger to give the effect of fine, medium or course.  On our blades, however, the angle of the cut varies to make the blade more or less aggressive. The result is a blade that cuts predictably, cleanly and smoothly from the first use right up until the last.

Our extensive range of blades is milled from premium quality tungsten-carbide and includes five cutting pattern grades, now available in three lengths and three styles within each grade.  Designed with the horse's comfort in mind, these compact blades are ideally suited to handles with low-profile box housing.

These blades do not have a backing plate making them lighter and thinner than traditional blades. In addition, they are disposable, making it easy to replace blunt blades and will ensure your tools perform to the highest standard.

 The Benefits of using The Edge Equine™ disposable blades:

  •        Avoids the two-way mailing of regrinds and associated costs and time delays
  •        Minimises the number of blades in your business (no more doubling-up of blades on hand and those away at the regrinder’s)
  •        Avoids inconsistencies in the quality of your regrinds
  •        Removes the weighty burden of excess carbide required for future regrinds


Thank you for taking the time to consider our products!


The Edge Equine™ Distributors



Head Sales Office

The Edge Equine Pty Ltd

61 Pratts Park Rd, BENDIGO, VICTORIA 3550

P +61 (3) 5449 3802

F +61 (3) 5449 3804

E enquiry@theedgeequine.com



New Zealand


NZ Equine Dentistry Tools

6 Crawford RD, Te Kowhai, HAMILTON 3288

P +64 7 829 7688

F +64 7 829 7687

M +64 27 255 9085







Harlton's Equine Specialties        

200 North Main St, 



P +1 800 247 3901

F +1 715 639 9205



Equine Dental Instruments


P +1 877 912 7122




Rocky’s Dental Supply, Ltd

119-132-250 Shawville Blvd. SE

Calgary, Alberta T2Y 2Z7


P +1 877 380 3888 (Toll Free)



UK / Europe




VDP Europe

Merlin Way

Bowerhill Industrial Estate



P +44 7734 393 757 / (0) 1225 436 350

E lauras@vdpeurope.com




IMS Euro Ltd

46 Europa Business Park,

Bird Hall Lane, Cheadle Heath,



P +44 1614 281 440